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Why Anime Porn Is So Popular

Anime is a phenomenon that has taken off like a wildfire. This is especially true for millennials. I am certain you are familiar with this term unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for decades. If that’s the case, then it simply means animation originating in Japan. There are multiple varieties of anime though.

Shounen is more for boys, as it features a male protagonist and lots of fighting and action. Shoujo is more for girls, as it features a female protagonist and is predominantly a romance or comedy. Another type is called Seinen which is focused more on thriller and horror genres and is geared toward teenage boys or young men. There is, however, another category that is more pornographic in nature. If by chance, you’re beginning to find real porn boring or discovering it doesn’t have what all you’re looking for, then maybe hentai is your answer. What exactly is it?  In Japanese, the term “Hentai” refers to any perverse or bizarre sexual desire or act. 

According to data from PornHub, millennials are currently watching 144% more hentai than their parents ever did. You’re welcome for that visualization. Why is this? This may make more sense when we look at a couple of the most popular searched porn terms by millennials. At the top of the list is “big dicks” followed by “big ass”. This should come as no surprise with a society obsessed with having extra junk in their trunk. Just look at some of the lyrics “I like big butts and I cannot lie” or if you’re more of a country fan; “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.”

It’s true, this generation can’t get enough of asses. One thing they like more though is nostalgia. A majority of the Cartoon Sex Videos are derived from characters that were famous while they were growing up.

The culture we live in is always coming up with breakthroughs in science or a new and better way to do something. The same is true of porn. We are always seeking out kinkier options or new ways to indulge the darker side of what gets us off.

Cartoon erotica does just that. Proportions are frequently exaggerated or amplified. It’s not abnormal to find a man so well-endowed that he couldn’t function in real life. It has the portrayal of famous cartoon characters participating in extreme sexual positions that would otherwise be impossible for us mere mortals.

Hentai usually has a plot, whether it be silly or mild. It has the advantage of being a drawing in 2d or rendering in 3d. This allows the artist to have complete control over the visualization. Fantasy elements can then be incorporated into the story which wouldn’t be the case with real actors. This makes it possible to exaggerate physical characteristics, movements, and activities. In hentai, it is conceivable to have a long ginormous cock fitting into a petite mouth or perfectly round, flopping tits that defy gravity.

Most people find these Anime Videos Online to be less disturbing than real porn. Why is this? Maybe, it’s because they know it’s not, nor could it be real. It is fiction. These fantasies make masturbating more exciting. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing huge tits bouncing, an ass drawn to perfection and the wildest sex positions you can imagine. I know I do. Feeling the sudden urge to rub one out? Go ahead, dream your wildest fantasy and discover first hand the pleasure of anime porn.