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Disney and cartoons defined most of our childhoods, and Pixar can still make middle-aged adults cry. However, people with dirty minds and decadent imaginations have found other uses for animations and cartoons. These adaptations to animations border on the most absurd and surreal.

From crazy anime hookups with real demons and food orgies to heartbreaking depictions of sexual assault and dwellings on loneliness. Today’s animation comes with scenes that stretch the limits of what sex can mean.

Here is a compilation of cartoons that redefine what sex and intimacy are, in the dirtiest, most unusual ways possible:

Shimoneta and the depiction of rape

This is just one of several Shimoneta scenes in which Student Council President Anna Nishikinomiya gets atop her beloved Tanukichi Okuma. To cut the story short, she rapes him. Many times. In one depiction, she covers his eyes with her used underwear, tears his clothes off, and rides despite his pleadings.

Witnesses to the disturbing act do nothing, as the whole thing is played for laughs.          Many view this cartoon only from the angle that Anna was supposed to be so innocent. The feelings of the raped boy do not matter. Therefore you can conclude that anime morality is sometimes horrifying.

Scum’s Wish

What do you do when your animation is full of sex scenes for almost the duration of the film? Well, you should get headphones and excuse yourself to the privacy of your room. While the sex acts are not explicit, you can deduce what’s taking place under the sheets.

What should bother you is the fact none of the characters enjoy the sex. It is so for Hanabi and Mugi using each other as humping posts while they imagine making love to their teacher. The same applies to Noriko and Sanae both having sex with their crushes who they know don’t love them back. Also, consider Mugi’s teacher agreeing to sleep with him despite having no feelings for him at all.

In the end, the sex in this animation comes across as a blow below the belt. Whatever you feel, you are not meant to smile.

Fritz the Cat

Fritz the Cat has the ignoble distinction of being the first X-rated animation in the US. The film follows a version of the beloved comic character, portraying him as the poster child of the ’60s and college dropouts.

However, what catches our attention in the film is the bathtub orgy between Fritz and three animal ladies. This act depicts questionable racial allegories and gang-rape. However, Fritz the Cat earned its creators handsome earnings and positive reviews. So you could say Fritz the randy cat connected to humans with similar interests.